Where To Find a W9/W8 Tax Form to Complete?

Affiliate tax forms.

Written by DiIvoryLast update 3 years ago

The affiliate platform requires every affiliate to have a completed and signed W9/W8 tax form on your My Profile page inside of your affiliate platform account. 

It is necessary for you to get PAID.

For US-based citizens, please fill out a W9 Tax Form.

For Non-US based citizens, please fill out a W8-BEN Tax Form.

After filling out the corresponding tax form, please follow the steps below to upload the tax form to your affiliate account.

Step 1: In your affiliate account, Go to “My Profile” in the top right settings menu

Step 2: Once in “My Profile“, scroll down to the  “w9/w8 Tax Form” section.

Step 3: Click the tax form icon for the corresponding tax form

Step 4: Select “Upload File” and select your tax from file from your computer.

Step 5: Select “Update” to save.

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